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We have the very popular, relaxing, soothing

Water Bell Fountain



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Pouring Bucket Copper Tabletop Fountain
Copper Table Top or Desktop Fountain

This fountain will bring a calming ambiance to any room or patio. The water flow of this tabletop fountain is a unique repeating cycle. The copper bucket fills until it tips and spills into the reservoir below. It is then recirculated back through the spout to the bucket.

The Pouring Bucket Copper Fountain is made to last a lifetime, requiring only simple routine maintenance. Adding a polyurethane lacquer to the decorative pan will let you keep the bright copper finish, or you can allow a rich verdigris patina to develop over time. If used outdoors, the water should never be allowed to freeze.

Pouring Bucket Copper Fountain

Bluworld Moonshadow Tabletop Fountain
Bluworld Moonshadow Tabletop Fountain
Copper and Slate Table Top or Desktop Fountain

A very popular fountain if you like the natural slate look and enjoy a more pronounced water sound.  Enjoy the Moonshadow Tabletop water fountain as the water sounds mesmerize you.

The moon shaped slate face is covered with water as the water flows out of holes in the curved top.  At 15" in diameter, this large tabletop fountain is the perfect fit for an end table or a desktop.  The river stones (included) add to the nature look of this beautiful fountain.

* (Choose from two available sizes: 12" and 15")

Flower Tabletop Fountain
Table Top or Desk Top Fountain

The Flower tabletop water fountain is made of lightweight durable resin material, making it easy for movement or placement to create an attractive addition to any space.

Enjoy as water flows out of the spout into the small bowl and overflows into the basin below. This fountain has a low water sound for those who value the beauty rather than the sound of a water fountain.

Flower Tabletop Fountain

Rock Design Tabletop Fountain

Rock Design Tabletop Fountain
Table Top or Desktop Fountain

Get lost watching as the marbleized orb gently spins from cascading water flowing over the rock-like tiers. A very popular tabletop fountain due to it's "rock-like" look and natural beauty.

Prepare to be mesmerized as the Rock Design Tabletop fountain spills water from around the marble like sphere over each layer and creates soothing water sounds.

Cascading Shell Tabletop Fountain
Table Top or Desk Top Fountain

This tabletop fountain has a neutral color to complement your indoor decor. The fountain has a stone look but is made of durable polyresin construction.

An electric pump routes water through the spout, and the water trickles down each level creating soothing water sounds. Enjoy on any table and relax to the trickling water sounds.

Cascading Shell Tabletop Fountain

Rajah Slate Fountain
Rajah Slate Fountains
Slate Indoor or Outdoor Fountains

Water bubbles from the top layer of rock into the basin below with this earthy looking fountain. The Rajah Slate 2-tier Waterfall Fountain is made from real rajah slate from India. It is meticulously carved, chiseled, and smoothed by hand.

The water flows out from the pool in the top slate tier and tumbles into the larger pool in the bottom slate base, which sits on a beautiful water-proofed terracotta bowl (where the pump sits). The 2-tier waterfall sounds are absolutely beautiful, relaxing and soothing.

* (Choose from three available sizes: 14", 18" and 24 ")

Wall Fountains Wall Fountains
Wall Mounted Waterfall Fountains

All of our hanging wall fountains
make very beautiful and audible
waterfall sounds.

They are light weight,
and easy to mount on the wall.

Stunningly gorgeous in the way they look
and in the way they sound.

Additional Wall Fountains Here
Wall Fountains
 Wall Mounted WaterFall Fountains  Wall Mounted WaterFall Fountains  Wall Mounted WaterFall Fountains

Floor Fountains
Floor Standing Waterfall Fountains

With their distinctive and elegant style, these amazingly beautiful standing waterfalls enormously enhance any home or business setting. Each waterfall fountain makes a unique and dramatic statement in any area and fills its environment with tranquil, soothing waterfall sounds.

Additional Floor Fountain Styles

Floor Standing Waterfall Fountains   Floor Standing Waterfall Fountains

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